Monday, October 18, 2010

Back and Better

I am back from my blog hiatus.  The combination of being pregnant, continuing my fitness regimen, and Noah's nap times getting later in the day and shorter have all contributed to my time away.  I have missed writing, but I have to keep my priorities straight: God, family, self, and then blogging :)
Well, since I have been gone, I have started to look pregnant. But in that awkward way when people aren't sure if I am pregnant or just have a fat belly.  I try to tell people as much as I can to relieve them of their curiosity (psssssssssst....I'm just fat).

Speaking of all came here for one specific reason, right?  What are we having, a boy or a girl?  Well, I'll give you a hint.  The baby has two legs, two arms, and during the ultrasound absolutely none of those arms or legs would sit still.  Sounds like a certain baby I already know and love, doesn't it?

Yup, it's a boy.  Noah officially has a baby brother and Mommy already feels officially tired.  We are so pleased with this gift God has given us and are pleased that as far as we can tell baby boy is as healthy as can be.
I am 19.5 weeks now, so I am basically half way through my pregnancy.  The baby is 10 oz., which is exactly how big the baby should be, and is about 1/10 the size Noah was at birth.  Here's to hoping for a smaller baby this time around.
Please continue to keep this baby in your prayers and thank you for caring.
We haven't come up with a name yet, but will be sure to share once we come up with names.  Do you have any baby boy name recommendations?  What names do you absolutely despise for a boy? 


Rebecca Nugent said...

I despise any name that sounds like the mom watches too many soap operas, like Chase, Blaze, Cade, etc.

Oh, and congratulations on getting another son! We match- yay!

LadySody said...

YAY A BOY!(I would've said that for a girl too) HOW EXCITING! CAPS!

I don't want you to take any names I like so I won't even mention them >:I

Let's see... Brandon, Lauren, Noah, and has to start with a W b/c you and Brandon are 9 apart and then if you continue in your cycle then after this W, it would be a Y :)

Wow I bet I helped a bunch!

Erica said...

Don't name him Nebecanezzer. I mean, I can't even spell it and how would you like to be called Nebby your whole life?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! A brother for Noah, just like Lucas and Daniel.

Fina said...

Congrats! It will be nice having two if the same sex so close in age. Our favorite boy names were/are Sean, Jacob and Nathaniel. I loathe those trendy -aden names, Jaden, Caden, etc.